Faith At Work Network (FAWN) is a nonprofit group of volunteers from churches, synagogues and other faith based organizations working to address the problem of unprecedented, long-term unemployment and underemployment in today’s uncertain economy.


We serve the unemployed of our community regardless of skills, job history or special needs.

• We serve employers by providing qualified applicants and minimizing recruiting costs.

• We serve congregations by helping them fulfill the obligation to help each other in ways that reflect our faith.


Our objective is to become the main source of qualified and fully screened potential employees

in the communities we serve. FAWN matches jobs for unemployed congregation members, or

anyone asking for help from network members, with available employment opportunities within our

Network and throughout the community.

We leverage the possibility that an employer could be attending the same church as an unemployed

member with the skills the employer needs. On a broader scale, there is an even greater chance that  the employer can find a potential match among other people of faith attending another house of faith,  Faced with a persistent high unemployment rate, limited job opportunities and a changing job search technology, we believe that as a group we can accomplish more than individual congregations.

FAWN also recruits employers and builds ongoing positive relationships. By connecting shared resources, the employer and the unemployed person can be introduced in a controlled and private manner.